A Metal Ladder of Power Station

In May Juche 108 (2019) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Kumyagang Power Station No. 2.

Feasting his eyes on its huge dam for a while, he said it was built at a really ideal place and that he felt very pleasant to see it overflowing with much water even in the dry season.

After learning about the operation of the power station, he told the accompanying officials to go up the dam. He cast a quick glance at a metal ladder to be used by lock-keepers to observe the conditions of the dam and sluices and water level, and made his way towards it.

His entourage was quite at a loss, as the ladder was very steep and narrow.

An official said it would be dangerous, but the Supreme Leader already took long steps towards it.

He climbed up the metal ladder to stand in the middle of the dam. Noting that the volume of water in the dam would be enough not only to generate electricity but also to supply water for drinking and farming, he asked the senior official of the county Party committee if the local people were pleased at it.

The official answered yes. Laughing heartily at his reply, the Supreme Leader noted that they would be really happy when they would fully enjoy the benefits from electricity to be produced by more generators.

Just then, the official could understand why he climbed up the steep and narrow metal ladder.

The ordinary metal ladder has since been included in the course for all visitors to the power station.

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