Rugged Path and Sightseeing Excursion

One day in September Juche 104(2015) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the newly built full service ship, Mujigae.

He was very satisfied to see the newly-built full service ship and told the officials that the Mujigae, as the name said, looked like a seven-colored bright rainbow and the Taedong River got brighter with the Mujigae set afloat on it.

The Supreme Leader got aboard the ship and looked round it, sitting in the chair and carefully examining fixtures to see if there was any inconvenience for the usage of them by the people.

The people could lead a more cultured life with the Mujigae on the Taedong River and he was relieved of the grinding fatigue as he thought of the people who would take happy sightseeing tour along the Taedong River aboard the ship, he said with a big smile on his face.

Though he continued his endless forced march despite bad weather and rugged mountain paths, he was so pleased to see the people could have joyful and distinctive sightseeing excursions that he could hardly repress a beaming smile.

As the Supreme Leader continues his long journey of selfless devotion to the people, the Korean people enjoy growing happiness as the days go by.

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