Despite Sultry Weather

It was a sultry day when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex in June Juche 102 (2013).

Looking round the newly-built process of functional threefold greenhouse PVC sheet, he said that many PVC sheet greenhouses are needed in order to supply vegetables and mushrooms to the people all the year round and expressed satisfaction at the fact that the establishment of the new production line with large capacity would make it possible to build greenhouses on a large scale.

Making the rounds of several places, he spoke highly of the complex as it has fully established independence and Juche character by producing fertilizer by making use of anthracite abundant in the country.

Underscoring the need for the complex to turn out larger quantities of fertilizer, he learned about the issue arising in increasing its output and personally solved knotty problems.

Looking up at the Supreme Leader indicating the road ahead of the complex and encouraging its workers, despite sweltering weather, to fresh feats, its officials pledged themselves to carry out the task set by him.

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