Youth Day Celebrated Significantly in DPRK

All the youth of the country celebrated Youth Day full of great excitement and joy of being the youth vanguard of a dignified powerful country.

Party and government officials enjoyed the holiday with them across the country and performances were given by the youth central artistic motivational team and art troupes at Kim Il Sung Square and theatres in Pyongyang on August 28, Juche 108(2019).

The performers sang highly of the revolutionary spirit of the Korean youth who are playing their pathfinders’ role in today’s nationwide efforts to make a new breakthrough in socialist construction following the leadership of the Party.

Colorful sports and cultural events took place that day such as dancing parties, brass band activities and sports and amusement games, adding colours to the festive mood.

There was a football match between Hwaeppul and Amnokgang clubs, both of which attended the Hwaeppul Cup men’s soccer tournament, at the Sosan Football Stadium on August 28 as part of the celebrations.

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