Class in Pakistan Named after Kim Jong Il

A ceremony was held at the Metropolitan Academy School of Karachi, Pakistan, on August 23, Juche 108(2019) to name a class of it after Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The event was attended by the teaching staff and students of the school, personages of different units, the DPRK ambassador to Pakistan and staff members of his embassy. 

The school headmaster said that it is a great honour to name a class of the school after Chairman Kim Jong Il who was the great leader of not only the Korean people but also the world’s progressives and devoted his all to the country’s prosperity and global peace and that Kim Jong Il led the socialist construction of the Korean people to victory true to the idea and cause of President Kim Il Sung.

The secretary general of the Karachi branch of Pakistan-DPRK Friendship Association praised Kim Jong Il as the great thinker and theoretician and an outstanding state leader who had performed immortal exploits for the Korean revolution and the cause of independence of humankind for decades.

The Korean people are making great achievements in all fields today under the leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, he added.

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