Clarifying the Way for Building a New Country

One day in September Juche 34 (1945) right after Korea’s liberation, President Kim Il Sung visited the building of the Wonsan City party committee.

After exchanging the greetings with officials there, he expressed his determination to build a new prosperous, democratic country in the liberated Korea and asked them about the situation in the city.

Listening to their answers that there were different assertions and opinions on the issue of establishing a political power in the liberated country, he said that we were faced with the tasks to indicate to broad sections of the masses the right way for liberated Korea to follow and mobilize them to the building of a new country. And he asked about their opinions.

They answered that, as they were revolutionaries, they should build a Soviet power aspiring after socialism.

Kim Il Sung explained them the character and task of the revolution. Noting that Korea should follow the road of progressive democracy on the stage of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution, and that they should build a democratic, sovereign and independent state in the liberated Korea, he stressed that that was our line of building a country and the road desired by the people.

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