Stuffed Wheat Cakes in Fatherly Love

One day in September Juche 100 (2011) Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the stuffed wheat cakes production shop which was newly built at Kumsong Foodstuff Factory. While walking round the factory, he went to see a mobile stuffed wheat cakes counter in the factory yard, touched one of them to see if it was warm and repeatedly put stress on taking measures to serve warm cakes for the people.

When he was reported the stuffed wheat cakes were in great demand, the Chairman told about providing better dietary condition to the people by deploying mobile counters in major places. Even at the time when he came to see the Kaeson Youth Park, he checked on how it was managed and then made enquires about the nutrients and price of stuffed wheat cakes being sold to the people.

To be sure, the loving care of the Chairman who devoted his all for the people deeply sank into even the stuffed wheat cakes the people are fond of.

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