Unusual Souvenir Photograph

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery on one sultry July day in 2018.

Oblivious of his physical fatigue and scorching weather, he feasted his eyes on the overall view of the nursery with neat and peculiar buildings on a vast area, seedling fields and fresh and green saplings.

He was deeply moved by the efforts of the people in Kangwon Province who have splendidly built such a large tree nursery on their own by giving full play to the revolutionary fighting spirit.

The manageress of the nursery was fascinated by his warm love and unassuming traits while accompanying him. When he made his way to the saplings exhibition hall, she asked him in a polite manner that all her employees had a wish to have a souvenir photograph taken with him.

Looking at her with a beaming smile on his face, he asked if her employees were all present there. She answered that some of them were on their rest in the afternoon as it was Sunday. Expressing regret at them, he told his accompanying officials to make preparations for a photo session.

Then, he dropped in at the house of a discharged soldier couple working at the nursery. Giving pep talks to them, he encouraged them to live and work as they had done during their military service and wished them a bright future, before posing for a photo with them.

The moment, the manageress earnestly asked him again to have a picture with all the family members of her employees.

Far from reproving her for her impudent demand, he complied with her request with a good grace.

After looking round the welfare service facilities, he calmed down the officials who were impatient for the passage of time and gave important instructions concerning the economic affairs of the province, waiting for long for all the family members.

The sun sank and darkness set in and floodlights were installed at the venue of the photo session. Looking at the Supreme Leader arriving at the venue, all the employees and their family members shouted hurrah at the top of their voices. They had never dreamed of having a photograph taken with him.

The unusual souvenir photograph shows different images of employees dressed in plain overalls, their family members who rushed to the venue, pupils in red neckties, mischievous boys and kindergarteners in casual clothes, and babies nestling in their mothers’ bosom.

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