Photo Session with Persons of Merits in Anti-epidemic Sector Participating in Celebrations of 74th Founding Anniversary of DPRK

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, had a photo session with the merited persons in the anti-epidemic sector taking part in the celebrations of the 74th founding anniversary of the DPRK on September 9.

Attending the photo session were Kim Tok Hun, Ri Il Hwan and Ri Chung Gil.

The participants in the photo session were filled with boundless gratitude for the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who puts forward the officials in the anti-epidemic and public health sectors defending the anti-epidemic forefront of the country as the guardians of our social system and reliable protectors of the people’s lives and bestows again on them the great honour to be cherished all their lives by inviting them to the significant celebrations in September again.

When Kim Jong Un arrived at the venue of the photo session, all the participants broke into thunderous cheers of “Hurrah!” as a token of their deep reverence for Kim Jong Un, the symbol of the mightiness of our state and the defender of life and happiness of all the people, who brought about a great victory in the anti-epidemic campaign unprecedented in the world public health history and demonstrated to the whole world the politico-ideological might and advantages of our-style socialist system with his ardent love and self-sacrificing devotion to the country and the people and his self-sacrificing devotion and energetic leadership.

Kim Jong Un extended warm congratulations and encouragement to the red anti-epidemic workers and public health workers of the Party who contributed to stabilizing the anti-epidemic situation after successfully controlling the worst public health crisis with the intense loyalty to the Party, strong mental power and ardent sincerity for the people.

Saying that thanks to the strenuous efforts of the genuine public health workers and patriots of our era who devotedly implemented the anti-epidemic and public health policies of the Party and the government while playing a pivotal role in the severe anti-epidemic campaign for defending the people’s lives, the founding anniversary of our Republic could be splendidly celebrated in such peace and excitement, he highly appreciated the patriotism of them who have devoted themselves to strengthening the country’s anti-epidemic position.

He said that our country and our cause would always emerge victorious thanks to the full support of the genuine patriotic loyalists and thankful socialist working people who throw themselves into the places called by the Party and the revolution ahead of others while knowing well the pain and trials of the country more than any others and sharing the destiny with it.

Expressing his expectation and conviction that the participants will firmly guarantee the development of the state and the wellbeing of all families across the country by directing redoubled efforts to building the anti-epidemic capability to initiatively and successfully cope with any public health crisis, while further expanding and consolidating the achievements made in the anti-epidemic war, always mindful that the anti-epidemic capability is the capability to ensure the state’s security and defend the people’s life, he had a significant photo session with them.

All the participants made a firm pledge to repay the deep trust of the Party Central Committee with loyalty by devoting themselves entirely to thoroughly embodying the advantages of our socialist system in anti-epidemic and public health practice.


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