Korean Children Born with Blessings

The happy looks of the DPRK`s children who are giving full play to their talents under the benefits of the most superior socialist educational system have evoked great admiration from a great number of foreigners.

Noting that the DPRK’s children were born with blessings, the chairwoman of the Democratic Women’s Movement of Portugal said:

If it had not been for the excellent educational system that finds and cultivates the first gleam of the talents of children like unearthing jewels, the DPRK’s children would have not realized their dreams though they had inborn talents.

A thought comes of itself that the DPRK’s children, who are happily growing with nothing to envy in the world, are really the king of the country.

All the countries should follow the model of the educational policy of the DPRK that regards it as important to find in time and cultivate the aptitudes of their children in the pre-school stage.

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