Gifts Made with Boundless Sincerity of All People 40

Lacquered Ornamental Tray

It was presented to President Kim Il Sung by the delegation of the Secretariat of the International Institute of the Juche idea in October Juche 73(1984).

Prior to their visit to the DPRK they decided to present to the President a lacquered tray as the gift which has a portrayal of the Arch of Triumph built in the historic place the President had a first meeting with his fellow countrymen after having achieved national liberation by leading to victory the twenty-year-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

They enlisted all their talents to draw a design for the gift and commissioned a famous craftsman to complete it.


Alloy Sculpture “Elephant”

It is the gift presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il by director of the Asian Regional Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea in September Juche 72 (1983).

From olden times in India, kings and only the generals who went to the battlefields with soldiers and returned after having triumphed had ridden the elephants in wonderful dresses.

He prepared the gift which portrayed the elephant the Indian people had regarded as a symbol of bravery and feats. It means that the Chairman is an eminent general sent by God who is so brave no one can match and a peerlessly great man who is boundlessly praised by all people for his immortal exploits before the times and history.


Ceramic Craftwork “Horse”

It is the gift presented to the respected leader Comrade Kim Jong Un by managing director and deputy managing director of a company in Mongolia in January Juche (2016).

They placed an order with a famous workshop of a foreign country for the craftwork which portrayed the horse the Mongolians have regarded as a symbol of wisdom, bravery and victory.

A dark saddled horse is on the wooden stand, horseshoes and other parts delicately portrayed with mane, tail, hooves and stand legs gold-plated and the stand is covered by crocodile skin for refinement.


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