While Seeing a Superb Scenic Beauty

One day in May Juche 70(1981) Chairman Kim Jong Il climbed Mt Myohyang to open a mountain-climbing route for the people.

It seemed as if the mountain unfolded its mysterious features lavishly. Feasting his eyes on its beautiful scenery, he said Mt Myohyang was really a celebrated mountain and pride of Korea and its scenery was the acme of beauty.

 He saw the beautiful landscape with great satisfaction for a while and said there would be many places with beautiful scenery in south Korea, too. The country should be reunified as soon as possible so that all compatriots could see its beautiful mountains and rivers to their heart’s content, he added.

His mind was always on national reunification everywhere he went and whatever he did.

His was, indeed, a noble life dedicated to the sacred cause of national reunification.

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