One’s Own Way Is Best

President Kim Il Sung met with Yasser Arafat one day in May Juche 79 (1990).

That day he made a profound analysis of the political situation created in the then Soviet Union and East European countries.

And he told him that if each country carries on revolution its own way, it would not make mistake and even if it makes mistakes it can correct them in time. Whenever the former Soviet leader advised us to join the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, we replied that we would live our own way, he said in a somewhat gratifying tone.

Such a just and firm stand derived from his firm independent spirit.

Arafat was convinced that the tragic fate of East European countries testified to the validity of the President’s ideology and standpoint.

Looking at the Palestinian leader lost in meditation smilingly, the President said confidently: It is best to do everything one’s own way. As we did so in the past we made no mistake. Although even the Americans try despicably to lure us to “reform”, we are determined to always live our own way as we have nothing to reform. We will emerge victorious without fail.

Arafat believed Kim Il Sung’s remarks as a great prophecy that the Korean and Palestinian revolutions as the global cause of independence against imperialism would surely triumph.

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