Legend of Affection Woven at Pyongyang Maternity Hospital

Another legendary tale has been woven at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital which all the Korean women regard it as the home of their parents.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent a great deal of pine nuts, which were picked this year, to the hospital as a gift and ensured that they were used to invigorate and treat mothers of new borns and other patients.

The gift the Supreme Leader sent this time again by carrying on the love of Chairman Kim Jong Il who had sent precious wild honey, materials for tonics, nutritious foodstuffs and modern medical facilities whenever the opportunity arose is associated with warm love of their father who spares nothing for the promotion of women’s health.

The women, who received even the materials for tonics as they enjoyed the benefits of socialist health system at the maternity hospital where the legends of ennobling love for the people and the future are woven in large numbers, are deeply moved by the loving care shown by the Supreme Leader.

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