Old People Enjoy Their Holiday

On International Day of Older People, artistic performances, special catering services and sports and cultural activities were arranged for the elderly in the DPRK.

Old people saw a joint acrobatic performance at the Pyongyang Circus Theatre, played badminton games at the Badminton Gymnasium on Chongchun Street, sports and amusement games at the Songyo Indoor Stadium and an angling competition on the banks of the Taedong River.

They attracted the attention of spectators as they worked hard for their teams’ victory full of youthful vigour and passion.

Moran Hill, promenades of the Taedong River and other cultural and recreation grounds were full of happy laughter of old people who were dancing to the tune of folk songs thick with national flavour.

Kind services at Okryu, Chongnyu and Hyangmanru restaurants greatly delighted the aged people celebrating their holiday. 

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