Military Parade and Public Procession of Pyongyang Citizens Held with Splendour to Celebrate DPRK’s 70th Birthday

A military parade and a public procession of Pyongyang citizens took place with splendour at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang on September 9, Juche 107(2018), in the presence of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to celebrate the 70th birth anniversary of the DPRK.

A 21-gun salute was fired and the military parade began after a speech.

The columns of paraders and mechanized units that are possessed of ever-victorious military strategy and tactics, heroic fighting spirit and perfect fighting efficiency under the care of the peerlessly great men marched past the square in high spirits to fully discharge the honourable mission of defending the country, revolution and people.

The Supreme Leader waved back to the paraders shouting “hurrah!” on their march.

The loud shouts raised by the paraders looking up to the Supreme Leader who is the banner of victory and glory of socialist Korea and the symbol of mightiness reverberated the square.

The military parade was followed by a public procession of Pyongyang citizens.

The participants vividly showed the indomitable spiritual spirit of the great Korean people who have been glorifying the overall national strength and position of socialist Korea on the highest level and opening a new era of all-round efflorescence while firmly upholding the red flag of Juche.

The military parade and the public procession were a grand political festival that strongly demonstrated the valiant spirit of the Korean people to build a powerful socialist country of Juche on this land without fail under the leadership of the great Party, unified single-heartedly around the Supreme Leader.

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