Story of Patriotic Song

As part of the preparations for the founding of the DPRK, President Kim Il Sung gave energetic guidance to the creation of the national anthem.

At a meeting with officials and creative artists, he told them about Korea with a 5 000-year history and culture and the orientation and ways of production of the national hymn.

His instructions just made up the words and melody of the masterpiece.

One day in June Juche 36(1947) there was an audition of the Patriotic Song.

After hearing the song, Kim Il Sung said it would be better to repeat the latter part about rich cultural heritage.

Since ours is a country with a brilliant culture and time-honoured history, why shall we sing of that only once, he asked, adding that repeating the part once again will make the melody more effective, ensure consonance in terms of music, render the song more solemn and fill those who sing the song with national pride and self-confidence.

Patriotic Song thus created under the meticulous guidance of President Kim Il Sung is ringing out all across the world, singing of Korea’s brilliant history, inexhaustible strength and invincible spirit.

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