Story about National Name

When he prepared for founding the DPRK, President Kim Il Sung threw himself into naming the country.

Some people argued that “people” should be removed and it was no good putting “democracy” into the name.

Kim Il Sung said such allegations were so wrong as they came out of misunderstanding of the current phase of the development of the Korean revolution and out of ignorance of the fact that the revolution was being carried out with the country divided.

We should name our country as the master and as the people demand, so why do we have to look to others? he said. It is the most rational to name the country the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in full consideration of the demand of the people, the reality of the divided country and the immediate tasks and main goals of the revolution, he added.

Thus, the name of the DPRK fully reflects its characters, independent, democratic and popular.

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