Motto for Party Officials

The history of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which always emerges victorious, enjoying absolute support and trust of the masses of the people, is associated with the energetic leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il who led the Party officials to be faithful servants of the people.

Flower and Butterfly

It happened when the Chairman took a break on a lakeside during his on-site guidance trip in the summer of Juche 59 (1970).

Feasting his eyes on the beautiful scenery of the flowering lakeside, he said to his entourage as follows: If you carefully examine the movements of bee and butterfly, it will be easy to discern between fragrant and scentless flowers. This principle still works in human life. As bees and butterflies travel in quest of fragrant flowers, so the people find their way to warm-hearted Party officials. Fragrance of a Party official precisely means his humanity and kindness. Bees and butterflies go in quest of fragrant flowers to collect nectar, the source of their living, whereas the latter emits fragrance to promote pollination for bearing good fruits with the help of the former. The same is the case of relationship between the party and the people. Only when the masses of the people entrust their destiny to the party and are guided by it can they add lustre to their political integrity, and only when the latter rallies the foremr behind it can the latter emerge victorious in the revolution.

Listening to his precious teachings, the officials realized afresh the principles of life and Party work from a common natural phenomenon and kept deep in their minds that the integral whole of the party and the masses is the mode of existence of the WPK.

Fertilizer and Fruit

One day in May Juche 62 (1973), the Chairman had talks with officials on the cause of some shortcomings revealed in work with people.

He said in the following vein: I think it is attributable to the fact that Party officials do not make a deep study of their work methods without a high sense of being responsible for the people’s political integrity, adding that the most important for them in equipping themselves with correct work methods and art of leadership is to cherish the spirit of devoted service to the people and the self-sacrificing spirit of devoting themselves for the sake of the revolution. Their painstaking efforts may not be recognized because they are like the fertilizer that fosters the crops under the ground. Likewise, Party officials should not put themselves forward in doing anything but go deep among the masses, mix with them and give efficient support and boost to the work of administrative and economic officials. Only then can they achieve good results.

His instruction on becoming the fertilizer that fosters sound fruits served as a guideline that Party officials should regard as the motto in their work and life.

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