Outburst of Emotion

One autumn day in Juche 38(1949) the train carrying President Kim Il Sung came to stay at a small railway station in the mountains.

As he looked round the station building, he attentively saw the freight yard located opposite the building.

There were piles of Korea larch, pine and oak logs.

As he stared at the high piles gloomily, he said in a low voice that considering most of the freight at the station was logs, it might be laborious to load them onto wagons without machines.

He was wordless for a while as if thinking about station hands who would load and unload cumbersome freight. He then said earnestly to an accompanying official that the rail transport sector should make and use various machines needed for handling such large freight as log.

Hearing from the official about the President’s benevolent teaching, officials and hands of the station were moved to tears.

It was an eruption of immense gratitude for the caring President who was determined to free them, who had been treated as subhuman and subjected to all manner of contempt before Korea’s liberation, from labour-consuming work.

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