Foremost Place

It was when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was inspecting a construction site of dwelling houses for lecturers of Kim Il Sung University.

He went into every detail of the living of educationists who would live in new homes, showing paternal affection to them again and again.

This time, he said, the Party has provided the lecturers and researchers of the university with wonderful flats and this reflects its great trust in the university and expectation for it to be the frontrunner in education work and scientific research.

He continued to say that science has no boundary of state, but our scientists have the socialist motherland of Juche and the motherly Party and the lecturers and researchers of the university should do more things for our Party and socialist country, always keeping in mind the Party’s love and solicitude.

The image of the Supreme Leader of that day resembled that of Chairman Kim Jong Il who gave top priority to Kim Il Sung University as the “eldest brother” of universities.

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