Seminars on Exploits of Kim Il Sung Held Abroad

Seminars on the exploits of President Kim Il Sung took place in the Czech Republic, India, Bangladesh, Angola, Uganda, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Nepal, Indonesia and other countries to mark the Day of the Sun.

They drew personages and people from all social standings in those countries.

The chairman of the Indian Society for the Study of Kim Jong Il’s Works said:

 “History knows many famous persons, but never had it seen such a great man as President Kim Il Sung who enjoys boundless reverence and admiration of the world’s people for decades.

 “The President was the pioneer and pacemaker of the era of independence who brightly illuminated the path ahead of the progressive people.

 “He was a peerless veteran statesman who spearheaded the cause of global independence under the unfurled banner of independence against imperialism and an unequalled great sage who impressed the whole world with noble personality traits and virtues.”

The head of the Nigerian Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism study group said that under the leadership of the President free medical care, free education systems and other popular policies were enforced and tax system abolished in the DPRK.

He turned the country into a large flower garden of benevolence, in which everyone helps and leads one another forward, he said.

Though the President passed away, his idea and cause shine forever as the sun is eternal, he noted.

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