Masikryong Ski Resort

It is a comprehensive winter sports facility.

It was opened on December 31, Juche102 (2013).

The ski resort has 10 slopes. The courses are 40 to 120 m wide and their apex is 1369 m high.

The ski runs are of primary, intermediate and advanced level so that everybody can enjoy skiing to their hearts’ contents. Besides, the resort has open-air skating rinks, snow playgrounds, skating rinks for children and sledge courses.

It is equipped with ski lifts and a heliport for the convenience of ski enthusiasts.

The exotic-looking Masikryong Hotel and other service and lodging facilities blend well with the surrounding landscape.

True to the appeal of the supreme leader, the soldier-builders of the Korean People’s Army finished in a very short time the gigantic project, which others would not be able to complete even in ten years, by creating  Masikryong Speed.

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