Day of the Sun Celebrated with Splendour

 The Korean people celebrated the Day of the Sun, a greatest national holiday, with lots of public events.

An endless stream of visitors flowed to the venue of the 20th Kimilsungia Festival in Pyongyang and Kimilsungia exhibitions in provinces with infinite yearning for the peerlessly great men.

The celebrations also featured the 29th Mangyongdae Prize international marathon, Mangyongdae Prize Games, Mangyongdae Prize national martial art championships, concentrated exhibition of Korean stamps, art performances, art shows and expositions, oratorical contests, celebratory meetings and dances across the country.

They showcased the boundless reverence of the local people for the President once again.

They climaxed with the dazzling display of fireworks, which brightly lit the nocturnal sky of the capital city of Pyongyang adding to the pride of the Korean people in having upheld the Sun of Juche.

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