A Defect Discovered

One day in October Juche 103 (2014) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the completed Wisong Scientists Residential District.

That day he looked round schools for the scientists’ children in order to acquaint himself with the status that they were fully provided with conditions to meet the convenience of their studying. He dropped in at a classroom of a junior middle to see desks there. It was a kind of roll-top desk designed to store textbooks and other school things under its cover.

After looking at the desk carefully, he asked an official if he had got a ball-point pen. When he put the pen on the desk and lifted the cover, it rolled down from the desk.

It was a defect that even teachers and desk designers failed to find out.

It is necessary to make a ledge or a groove on the desk lest the mischievous children should drop their pencils or ballpoints, he said, before explaining the method of cutting a groove on it.

The small desk to be used by children showcases his warm affection for them.

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