Palatial School for Orphans

Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans has newly been built thanks to the paternal affection of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is administering the politics of love for younger generations.

Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans is a sweet home and smart place of learning for parentless children. With a total floor space of over 7 870 square metres, it consists of a school building, dormitory, playground and the like.

It has multifunctional and IT-based classrooms, music and dance diffusion rooms, barber’s shop and treatment room, all of which are furnished to meet the characteristics of the institution for primary education.

Making the rounds of the school, the Supreme Leader said that it seems as if he is in a fairy-tale world, and the laughter and singing of children represent socialism which is advancing dynamically.

He expressed great satisfaction, saying the school is flawless in architectural, aesthetic, pedagogical and hygienic terms.

In those excellent primary and middle schools built in all provinces for orphaned children, they grow as reliable pillars of a thriving Korea as they learn to their heart’s content and with nothing to envy in the world.

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