Twenty One Hours and Thirteen Minutes

On December 16, Juche 100 (2011) Chairman Kim Jong Il picked up one of the official documents piled high on his desk.

It was the document relating to the supply of fishes sent from a department of the Party Central Committee.

Deeply feeling the noble loving care of the Chairman for the people who devoted his mental energy and trouble without sleep and rest through his life, officials immediately made and reported to him a plan to supply the Pyongyang citizens with the fishes he had obtained on the eve of the New Year’s Day.

Looking at the plan at that time, the Chairman took a measure in person to immediately transport the fishes by train from Wonsan port to a relevant railway station and finally ratified it.

It was twenty one hours and thirteen minutes.

He sent it back to the department concerned and got on the train at once for his field guidance again that night.

As a result, at eight hours and thirty minutes next day, the Chairman had his heart stopped beating so suddenly and regrettably in the running train as he had overworked too much mentally and physically on the road for people.

A few days later, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un took a benevolent step to supply the fishes in a meaningful way in order to ensure that the loving care of the Chairman could wholly reach the people.

At every shop counter in Pyongyang, men and women of all ages whose eyes were swollen with too much wailing crying were choked with tears of thanks receiving the fishes marked with his loving care.

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