Changjon Street

Changjon Street is located near the Okryu Bridge on the Taedong River, extending to Mansu Hill where the bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il stand. Apartment houses, public buildings and service outlets are built on a site much smaller area than before.

The high-rise apartment houses of various shapes present perfect formative and artistic beauty with their exterior looking gentle and yet fresh and their interior so designed to give a warm and cosy feeling.

Soaring apartment houses, service outlets above and under the ground, educational and public health establishments, the People’s Theatre and other structures present an architectural beauty.

The whole street looks like a grand park with trees of good species and flowering plants growing in the green plots.

The characteristic illumination, going well with the scenery of the Taedong River, adds to the nocturnal view of Pyongyang.

The project of renovating the existing street began in the spring of Juche 100(2011) and finished in June Juche 101(2012), and the houses were provided to the ordinary working people including shopfloor and office workers free of charge.

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