For People’s Happiness (7)

On December 4, 2011, despite the biting cold, Kim Jong Il visited the Kaeson Youth Park.

Happy Laughter

While the Volare was running, an official told the General about the number of visitors for the year and their feedback.

The General said: The people are so eager to enjoy themselves at the amusement park of the Kaeson Youth Park. It is good that this year alone over 800 000 people including workers, youth and students have come here and spent their leisure. Many foreigners on a visit to our country would like to see this park.

Then he asked if most visitors were the citizens of Pyongyang or those from provinces.

An official answered, “Besides Pyongyang citizens, many people from provinces come here. There are also some who visit the capital city to see the park. Among the audience for the mass gymnastics and artistic performance Arirang, those from provinces would come to the park even though it was too late. One day a man came here with his mother in her eighties, and she said she had no other regret in her life as she saw the splendid park with her own eyes.”

The General was satisfied that the people liked the park so much.

At the next leg he stressed that officials should work harder to provide the people with a happy life to be envied by the world. Noting that the Party had a large sum invested to renovate the amusement park, he underlined the need to manage and operate it so effectively that the people would often come and have a good time without feeling any slight inconvenience.

Before leaving, he said to the officials:

“How the Party’s intention to provide the people with a more pleasant life is implemented depends entirely on how strenuously our officials work as their servants. All the officials of the units responsible for managing and operating the amusement park of the Kaeson Youth Park should keep in mind the Party’s slogan ‘We serve the people!’ and strive harder to ensure that their happy laughter rings out louder here.”

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