Artillery Fire Competition between Large Combined Units of KPA on Western Front Inspected

Amid the military morale running through the entire army all out for getting fully combat ready with firm conviction in sure victory under the extraordinary art of command of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and his militant encouragement, another sound of artillery has rocked heaven and earth, as part of the efforts to carry on the revolution in training.

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, inspected an artillery fire competition between large combined units of the Korean People’s Army on the western front on March 20.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was greeted by Army General Kim Su Gil, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, Army General Pak Jong Chon, chief of the General Staff of the KPA, commanding officers of the large combined units on the western front and other commanding officers.

The competition was aimed at suddenly making an inspection and evaluation of the artillery forces on the western front that are implementing the Party’s policy on strengthening the artillery and taking measures, so as to awaken all the units to its sense of mission, radically improve the forms, contents and methods of artillery training and definitely turn ordinary drills into practicable ones for an actual war.

The artillery units under the 3rd, 4th and 8th corps of the KPA took part in the competition.

The competition was conducted in such a way as to assess the advancing manoeuvrability of every artillery unit to the firing positions and then setting the firing sequence by drawing lots, according to which the artillery pieces of various calibres open fire into the target islet at a set distance, and choosing the winner by summing up the firing results and the time taken to complete the mission.

The officers and men of the large combined units were greatly excited to have their combat readiness inspected in the presence of Kim Jong Un who visited the seaside position as part of his ceaseless guidance for strengthening the combat capability of the KPA.

At the observation post, the Supreme Leader was briefed from the Chief of the General Staff on the sequence and method of the competition before inspecting it.

On his order, the corps commanders personally commanded the firing of artillery pieces at the observation post.

When they gave orders, all the artillery pieces opened fire, showering a hail of shells on the target islet.

The artillery units on the western front showed amazing results with marksmanship they have trained in their ordinary drills, fully displaying their fighting efficiency ready to go into action.

The Supreme Leader expressed satisfaction, saying that the firing skill of the artillerymen on the western front, those under the 3rd Corps in particular, was remarkably great. And he spoke highly of them, noting that it was just like hitting the target with a sniper rifle.

The Supreme Leader received a report on the General Staff’s evaluation of the competition results from the Chief of the General Staff.

The 3rd Corps overpowered others to take the first place, while the 8th Corps took the second and the 4th Corps the third.

Greatly satisfied with the combat readiness of the 3rd Corps, he wrote his congratulatory message “I admire the amazing combat capability of the battalion. I am very satisfied and give special thanks to it. Kim Jong Un. March 20, 2020” on the master gunner certificate to be awarded to an artillery battalion under the 3rd Corps which showed remarkable marksmanship and eye-opening results in the competition.

Pak Jong Chon awarded the master gunner certificates, medals and badges to the artillery battalions and companies which scored excellent marks in the competition.

The Supreme Leader gave important instructions on the direction of military and political work, including the issue of intensifying the drills of all the KPA units, as required by the prevailing situation.

The competition held under the direct guidance of the iron-willed commander Kim Jong Un who is ushering in a great heyday of development of the revolutionary armed forces with his extraordinary art of command and far-sighted acumen, will serve as a historic event that marked a turning point of another leap forward in developing the Juche-based artillery forces.


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