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Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the then Pyongyang Textile Mill on July 30, Juche 98 (2009), the 63rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Law on Sex Equality in the DPRK.

After learning about its modernization, he expressed his satisfaction over the fact that the mill increased its production capacity several times more than the previous period, and gave instructions on raising the textile industry to a high level.

That day, he met with the winners of the title of Labour Hero and other workers of merits of the new generation.

Highly appreciating their patriotic devotion, he said: There has never been such an era as now when the Korean women are adding brilliance to their fame and the value of their existence as befit those in the era of the Workers’ Party; this epochal change brought about in their position and role clearly prove that they, who are possessed of a high degree of revolutionary and militant spirit, are a powerful force which is dynamically propelling the revolution and construction.

He then told the accompanying officials that he would like to pose for a photograph also with these workers, as women made up the majority of the factory’s workforce and as he was visiting the mill on the day marking the anniversary of the proclamation of the Law on Sex Equality.

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