In the Far East of Russia (2)

The following happened in August 2002 during Kim Jong Il’s visit to the Russian Far East.

Excellent “Scouts”

On the 22nd Kim Jong Il visited the Volochayev Division of the Far East Military District.

He looked round the combat history museum and saw the combat and technological equipment.

Then he went to the mess hall, saying that a rich diet was important for the young soldiers.

He also left an autograph in praise of the Division.

The commander presented a stonecraft inscribed with the photographic image of an Ussuri tiger as a gift to the guest.

By coincidence, the gift offered by the Korean delegation was a painting of a Korean tiger.

As “Korean tiger” was to be given in return for “Ussuri tiger,” the gifts seemed to be losing their significance.

Both sides looked sorry that their sincere efforts to prepare the gifts were coming to naught.

In trying to lighten the mood, Kim Jong Il said:

Our “scouts” did a good job as they advised on an exchange of “tigers.” We have already known what your gift is.

The joke gave rise to a burst of laughter.

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