DPRK Doctors Take Responsible Care of People’s Health

In the people-oriented public health system of the DPRK, everyone gets to have their own health care file from their birth.

All household doctors at polyclinics, which are most accessible to the people, are in charge of a certain residential area and provide a specific and responsible preventive medical service to the residents by using the health care files which contain detailed records of vaccination, checkup and preventive treatment.

Therefore, every DPRK citizen receives a regular medical examination and thorough preventive care in time with the responsible and systematic help of a household doctor.

The superiority of the district doctor system is also being displayed in the country`s effort for preventing COVID-19.

Currently, all the household doctors across the country are conducting hygienic information activities, medical observation and examinations in a responsible manner in the residential areas in their charge and making every possible effort to protect people’s life from the deadly virus.

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