Parental Care

One day KPA Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un inspected the Jangjae Island Defence Unit in the hottest spot at the southern extremity on the southwestern sector of the front. It was his second visit to the unit.

That day he looked round the barracks and education room of the unit and visited the family of Jong Kum Chol, a KPA officer.

He presented the family with gifts he had brought with him, saying that he had known yesterday was the first birthday of Hang Myong, the officer’s son.

At that moment Jong Kum Chol’s family and other officers of the unit were all struck with surprise, wondering how
Kim Jong Un knew the baby’s first birthday.

Later they came to know that he remembered its birthday when he met it on his first inspection of the unit.

The service personnel of the unit and the baby’s parents were deeply moved by the benevolent, parental care of
Kim Jong Un who handles state affairs, big and small.

They shouted to themselves—Thank you very much, Respected Marshal!

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