An Astounding Number of Designs Examined

One day last year when the inaugural ceremony of the Munsu Water Park was around the corner, the national leader
Kim Jong Un said to some officials that he had examined 109 pieces of suggestion for the construction of the park until a few days before and that now that he studied four more that day, the number of designs totalled 113. The officials were surprised, for they had not expected it at all. The designers had numbered the pieces since they had presented the first one. As they had received his instruction on their suggestions almost everyday they had forgotten the correct number. The experts who had been engaged in designing all their life had never made so many designs for a single project. 
Kim Jong Un examined their ideas at any time of the day—at mid-night, at dawn, even on Sundays and holidays. He gave a new idea for each of the models suggested. He inspected the construction site at any time, going round it for a long time and asking the designers to draw up a better plan for details of the project. All of the 113 pieces were associated with such guidance.

A few days later he came to the Munsu Water Park near the inauguration and gave detailed instructions for the completion, looking round every nook and corner—the multicoloured zigzag water slides, different sizes of pools, diving boards, an artificial waterfall, a man-made mountain of cliffs that look like those in Myohyang and Kumgang mountains, real-like animal sculptures. On October 15 after the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the founding of the WPK, the Munsu Water Park was opened to the public. People believed that the supreme leader who had put his heart and soul in the project would attend the inauguration ceremony. But the tape was cut by ordinary people instead of him.

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