Unusual Memory

One day in February 1993 President Kim Il Sung had an audience with the general secretary of United Leftist Movement of Dominica who paid a visit to Korea.

The general secretary conveyed greetings of Juan Bosch, former Dominican president to Kim Il Sung.

The President, after searching his memory for a while, asked an official who was sitting beside him whether the former Dominican president was the man he had met at a guesthouse and shared a luncheon with him when the former visited his country 24 years ago.

The official said yes.

The President continued with a bright smile: I remember my meeting with Bosch and having a talk with him. At that time I had a serious chat with him over international political issues. He was a man of great passion and sentiments.

The general secretary was surprised at the remarkable memory of the Korean leader, who recalled the meeting 24 years ago as if it was a yesterday’s event.

Bosch, a politician of the small insular country, was in the presidency for a certain period of time.

However, Kim Il Sung said when and where he met with Bosch and over what they had a talk, and even the guest’s facial features.

That evening the general secretary told the Korean officials: Respected Kim Il Sung has a marvellous memory.a

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