Sense of Patriotism

In December 1950 President Kim Il Sung with some officials went to a valley to examine the topographical conditions of a place and physical aspects of its surrounding mountains.

The following happened when the President and the officials arrived at a spring. More than ten pheasants were slowly descending towards the spring. When he found the flock of pheasants, Kim Il Sung beckoned for the officials to sit down.

Some time later, an official approached him and gave him a hunting gun.

However, the President did not intend to shoot, just watching the pheasants roaming about in search of food.

After casting his eyes on the birds for a good while he said: Look! What a fine sight! Our country has been called a land of golden tapestry because many animals like those pheasants live everywhere in our mountains. Therefore, we should not shoot the pheasants. We should not catch them but raise them in large number. In the future we should encourage people to widely raise animals such as pheasants.

Impressed by the instructions deeply permeated with his ardent love for the country, the officials expressed their determination to readily sacrifice their lives for the beautiful and priceless country.

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