Story of Ski Run for Children

One April day in Juche 108 (2019) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected the construction site of the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort.

After looking round different places of the construction site, he also acquainted himself with the construction of ski run.

Pointing at a valley where ski slopes were to be built, he asked officials in detail about the altitude of the mountain and the width of slopes. He then told an official that there was no run for children in the ski area and continued: Let us build a run exclusively for children. As they are the kings in our country, there must be a slope for them.

Referring to the need to build one more slope for children in addition to the projected three ski runs, he said that it was quite possible to build it in the ski area and that it should be a run so that children could also enjoy sleigh riding.

As a result, a children’s ski run came into being in the hot spring resort.

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