Source of Heroic Feats

One day in September 1951, when the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950-July 1953) was at its height, President Kim Il Sung visited the defenders of Height 1211, braving a hail of shells.

After scanning the ridges and valleys across the Height, which bore traces of fierce battles, through binoculars, he ordered the accompanying military officials to turn the height into an impregnable fortress. He then stressed the need to undertake the political and supply service work in an effective way so as to boost the morale of soldiers and take good care of their living.

He even rang up the commander of the unit on the height, and told him that all the combatants were irreplaceable treasures and his precious comrades-in-arms and that they should be provided with warm rice and hot soup and with a warm place to sleep, as it had already begun to get cold.

The parental affection for the KPA service personnel shown by the President encouraged the defenders to perform heroic feats in defending the Height at the cost of their blood by repelling the repeated attacks of the US imperialists.

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