Do as Chairman Kim Jong Il Tells

One day in October 2011 national leader Kim Jong Un visited the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, accompanying Chairman Kim Jong Il, in order to give congratulations to the local workers for their successful test operation of the first-stage process of ammonia production based on the feeding of brown coal. While looking round the newly built ammonia production process, he gazed at the carbon dioxide separation section where there stood several carbon dioxide adsorption towers. The process had been set up by the local workers in cooperation with those of the Ryongsong Machine Complex as was instructed by Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Earlier the Chairman had visited the workers of the two enterprises several times, giving the advice that they could not do what they wanted as they liked if they were short of the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance, and taught them special directions and ways for the solution of certain problems. True to his instructions the workers, by pooling their efforts and wisdom, manufactured dozens of caps of the carbon dioxide adsorption towers and established a carbon dioxide separation process based on pressure-transition adsorption which was a latest technology.

Hearing the story, Kim Jong Un told officials pleasantly, “That’s very nice. They’ve been successful all along as they did as Chairman Kim Jong Il instructed.” Then, he looked round the carbon dioxide purification control office, the transformation process and the desulfurizing process before reaching the plan of a large-sized oxygen plant where he stopped to say satisfactorily that urea fertilizer was turned out from oxygen and nitrogen produced with the oxygen plant which had been manufactured by the Ragwon Machine Complex.

That day Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un had a photo session with the workers of the fertilizer complex. Speaking highly of what the local workers had done, Kim Jong Un kindly nudged managers of the complex nearer to the Chairman when a photo was taken. Before saying good-bye, he took the managers by the hand and encouraged them to achieve greater success in their work true to the intention of the Chairman.

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