Munsu Water Park (1)

Spare No Funds!

On March 24, 2012 Marshal Kim Jong Un called an official. On that occasion he referred to the need to build indoor and outdoor wading pools in the Munsu area so that people can enjoy themselves in all seasons, just before he continued: I’m determined to build a modern water park for people in the Munsu area. I will form the construction force needed for the project. Let us provide our people with a more splendid base for their cultural and emotional life by building an El Dorado-style water park in that area.

Fixing the site for the project, he specified the ways and means for completing the water park as a top-notch and comprehensive cultural and recreational place.

Upon returning to his office the official set about working out the design for the water park. However, he found that a staggering sum of money was needed for the project.

Having  heard  the  official’s  report  that  the  project  would  cost  a  stupendous  amount  of  money, Kim Jong Un said: More money might be required because restaurants and other facilities should be arranged in addition to the El Dorado-style water park; but we should spare nothing for the welfare of the people; you had better take up designing with no difference about the expense.

As such, the designing for the world-class, comprehensive water park was set full steam.

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