Eternal Leader of Korean People

Foreign media ran special features on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the demise of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Russian website Patrioti Moscow, website of the Brazilian Songun Politics Study Centre, Egyptian newspaper Al Ahbar Almasai, Nigerian newspaper Nigerian Observer, Bangladeshi paper Daily Folk, Indian paper New Delhi Times, German paper Rote Fahne and other media outlets carried articles in praise of the revolutionary life and valuable exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the eternal leader of the Korean people.

Newspaper L’avenir of the Democratic Republic of Congo carried an article under the title of “Eternal Leader of the Korean People”, with the beaming image of the Chairman, which read:

“Chairman Kim Jong Il lives forever in the hearts of the Korean people as an eternal leader.

“He enriched and developed the Juche idea created by President Kim Il Sung, led the Korean people to follow straight along the road of independence and socialism, lifted the status of the DPRK up to a politico-ideological power and military power and laid a solid foundation for the building of a powerful nation.

“The exploits he performed as he continued his journey of devotion to the country and people till the last moments of his life constitute the eternal foundations that guarantee the prosperity of socialist Korea and happiness of the people.” 

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