Mural Tomb in Yaksu-ri

The mural tomb, from the late fourth century-early fifth century, the period of Koguryo, is situated on a hill in the northwestern tip of Lake Thaesong in Kangso District, Nampho. The tomb was unearthed in 1958, and the murals consist of paintings portraying figures, customs and four guardian-gods.

The tomb faces south, inclined a bit to the west. The coffin chamber was built by cutting the hill and laying stones halfway up. The interior consists of an inner passage, front chamber, niches on both sides of the front chamber and a passage. The ceiling of the inner chamber and front chamber is an arch type, finished with a triangular propping.

The plane view of the front chamber and inner chamber is square, and each wall bends out little by little, so the interior produces a cosy feeling.

Except the triangular propping, murals were painted on all walls and the ceiling.

Through its unique structure and murals of various and rich contents, the tomb showcases the might of powerful Koguryo and the basis of its might. It is one of the precious heritages of national culture.

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