Training Command Post of KPA General Staff Inspected

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, visited the training command post of the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army on August 29 to learn about the state of the command drill involving the whole army.

Accompanying him were KPA Marshal Pak Jong Chon and General Kang Sun Nam, minister of National Defence.

He was greeted by the chief of the KPA General Staff and the director general of the KPA General Reconnaissance Bureau at the command post.

To cope with the present situation in which the US and the “ROK” military gangsters have staged extremely provocative and dangerous large-scale joint exercises simulating an all-out war against the DPRK, the KPA General Staff launched a command drill involving the entire army on August 29 to judge and inspect the operational organization and commanding abilities of the commanding officers and the staffs of the large combined units and combined units at all levels.

The drill is aimed at letting all the commanding officers and staffs of the entire army make full preparations for war and have strong military response capability by helping them get familiar with action procedures at the time of being placed on a war footing, further enhancing their combat operation organizing and commanding ability and confirming the feasibility of operation plans.

After receiving a report from the chief of the General Staff on the movement plans of the enemy forces and the KPA anticipated according to time and stage in the event of the outbreak of a war, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un learned in detail about the organization and the state of the command drill.

He acquainted himself with the plan of the drill staff, which is aimed at occupying the whole territory of the southern half by repelling the enemy’s sudden armed invasion and switching over to an all-out counterattack, and the combat documents on the operation plans of the staffs of the large combined units and combined units at all levels to carry it out. He also examined in detail the documents on the actual operational plans of the General Staff, including the plan of using the frontline and strategic reserve artillery forces, the plan of forming a front behind the enemy lines and the plan of disrupting the entrance of outside armed forces in contingency.

He stressed the need to pay the greatest attention to making the enemy dispirited, throwing their combat action into confusion and paralyzing their will and ability to fight a war from the outset by dealing heavy blows at their war potential and war command center and blinding their means of command communication at the initial stage of operation. And he detailed the comprehensive tasks, principled requirements and ways to be maintained by the KPA in the future operation planning and command and war preparations, including the issue of surely taking the strategic initiative by making simultaneous super-intense strikes at the pivotal military command centers, military ports, operational airfields and other important enemy military targets and core objects whose destruction may cause a series of socio-political and economic chaos and by combining and applying non-stop mopping-up warfare, front-line offensive operations and operations of harassing the enemy’s rear in a composite and organic manner, and in particular, the issue of taking thoroughgoing steps to protect the striking means from any enemy counteraction, and the issue of comprehensively updating the operation command system and fire command communications mode.

Noting that modern war is a brain challenge, he said that victory or defeat in war is decided first by brains of the commanding officers before the start of fighting. He urged all the commanding officers of the army to intensify the staff drill and operational combat situation control exercises under an environment simulating an actual war to acquire exceptional organizing ability and superb commanding art, and thus fully prepare themselves to be all-round combatants and confident men of ability who are flexible in actual war, not in mere training.

Saying that the busy military moves of the US and the “ROK” military gangsters and their frequent and expanded military exercises under different codenames constitute a clear revelation of their scheme for invading the DPRK, he again stressed the need for the DPRK to thoroughly counter them.

Issuing a series of important instructions for further intensifying the operation command drill, actual maneuvers and actual war exercises of the KPA, as required by the prevailing state security environment and situation, he clarified the comprehensive tasks and ways for more definitely completing the war preparations.

The KPA commanding officers further hardened their militant conviction and outlook on war after receiving the great military programme from Kim Jong Un. They are burning with the will to accelerate the war preparations and thus mercilessly wipe out the enemies and put the whole territory of the southern half under control anytime once an order is issued by him.


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