Stories Delivered along with Architectural Wonders 1

On the occasion of May Day, the international holiday of the working people of the world which has a history of some hundreds of years, let us see in the architectures how the working people of the DPRK are enjoying their praiseworthy lives.

Master of Chollima Is People

Guiding the miniature of the Statue of Chollima, President Kim Il Sung said that if we sat a man on Chollima, young people in the future would imagine he would be an hero of the age. He stressed that as the present times was the era of the people, their image should be portrayed and that all people should know the master of Chollima was not an individual hero but themselves.

Flying vigorously in the sky with a male worker holding high the red letter from the Party Central Committee and a female farmer embracing a sheaf of rice on his back, Chollima presents the happy lives of the working people in the DPRK who have grown up as masters of the country and creators of history in the bosom of the President.

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