President Kim Il Sung, the Sun of All People and Great Saint of Mankind 3

Immortal Titles Presented

Many titles were made by the world’s people ardently longing for President Kim Il Sung who achieved an immortal exploit before the times and history with his rare wisdom, outstanding leadership and noble virtue.

Such titles are the “Creator of Human Ideology”, “Genius of Ideology of the 20th Century”, “Sun Brightening the Future of Mankind”, “Booster of Peace and Friendship”, “Guardian of Justice”, “Popular Leader Officially Proved by All People”, “Supreme Incarnation of Ardent Human Love”, “Lifesaver”, “Peerless Man of High Morality”, “Eternal Sun Shining the World”, “Model of An Internationalist” and “Mental Pillar of the World’s People” and so on.

These are only some of the titles presented to the President who created the world-historic model of revolution and construction in the 20th century.

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