Telephone Calls Made in the Early Morning

On September 15 Juche 110 (2021) the chief official of the Pyongyang Municipal Party Committee answered the phone call made by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in the early morning.

Saying that he dissolved in water and tasted the milk powder produced on trial at Pyongyang City but didn’t feel its natural taste and color, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un exposed some defects one by one in terms of quality.

Shortly after, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un called him again and told more about the state of milk powder in dissolution and gave him some advices in detail with reference to technical issues concerning the milk powder production.

And then, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un kindly asked him to make flawless milk powder as it was to be eaten by children.

After the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un hung up the phone, the official felt choked looking at the clock.

The hands of the clock were pointing to four hours and twenty minutes.

Another day was getting brightened in the country when the great mother was making her tireless efforts to breed all children in her bosom.

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