The Most Precious

One Sunday morning in spring of Juche 63 (1974) President Kim Il Sung gave his field guidance to a hospital in the capital city.

Saying to the officials in the health sector that he had met some foreign journalists, a few years ago, who told that they were most envious of no air pollution in the DPRK, the President pointed out that the public health sector should set up the inspection system of pollution, promptly detect its causes by regularly surveying the air, water and soil and take the energetic steps to eliminate them.

Soon afterward, the President said that we had enforced the universal free medical care system and free compulsory education system and invested in preventing air pollution. It was intended not because we had money more than other countries, but because the man is the most precious being, he added.

Today the Korean people are breathing fresh air and drinking clear water. It was owing to such warm loving care and pains taken by the President.

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