Sweet Smell of Taesongsan Ice Cream

Whoever has ever eaten it is always struck.

“I’ve often heard of Taesongsan ice-creams, but never imagined so good smell and wonderful taste.”

“I am getting myself so fresh!”

Everywhere in the DPRK including Pyongyang, Phyongsong, Nampho and Wonsan cities, there are the foodstuffs all people are fond of at all seasons.

They are the very ice-creams and beverages produced at the Taesongsan Ice Cream Factory.

Taesongsan-branded foodstuffs are the renowned in the world that was made by the initiative and meticulous guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who wishes to provide the best ice-creams and beverages hygienically guaranteed to our people and children.

In this factory more than ten kinds of ice-creams including high-quality ice creams, non-sugar and calorie-free beverages and dairy products are produced. And much more varieties will be expected to come out if new foodstuffs under development are included.

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