The Word Field Deeply Kept in People’s Mind

The historical terms such as the light of field car, sound of field train, the discolored field cotton-padded overcoat, field dress, field meal on the way to the forefront and field hair-cutting at midnight came into being in the days of revolutionary leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Whenever we recollect the Chairman standing on the way to his field guidance, we all imagine his modest dressing, discolored field cotton-padded overcoat and field dress so familiar to us.

His field cotton-padded overcoat, field dress and nappy gloves and the documents related to the people’s living on the desk inside the field train preserved at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun make the people imagine the venerable image of the Chairman who passed away in the running train while living in the field till the last period of his life.

The word field is, indeed, deeply kept in the hearts of the Korean people along with his long way for patriotic devotion.

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